Fundraising with Scratch Cards

by Deane Brengle, Editor of the Fundraising for Small Groups Newsletter

This booklet is designed to introduce you to scratch card fundraising if you haven't done it before. If you are already doing a scratch card fundraiser this booklet will help you discover the latest offerings and ideas in scratchcard fundraising.

Overview of a Scratch Card Fundraiser

Scratch cards come in all shapes and sizes but they're all based on the same fundraising principle- getting a donation without having to ask someone to make an unwanted or overpriced purchase.

Scratch cards are ordered from a fundraising supplier and distributed to the group members. The scratch cards are presented to parents, relatives, friends, supporters, and the general public who are asked to scratch off a couple of spots and donate the money amounts revealed. The money amounts under the scratched off spots vary among suppliers (usually 5 cents to $3 dollars). The money is collected and the donor is usually rewarded with a sheet of coupons as a thank you (coupons come with the cards). It usually takes about 15 to 20 donors to complete the scratch card. The completed scratch cards and money are turned in and the fundraiser is complete.

Most scratch card suppliers offer a card that is fairly easy to understand for both the seller and the buyer. Many scratch cards can be customized with your groups name or logo (may cost more).

Potential Income from Scratch Card Fundraising

Generally speaking, you can make up to 90% profit with a scratch card fundraiser. I know that seems unreal, but scratch cards will raise in the neighborhood of $100 each. And many suppliers are throwing in enough free scratch cards to cover the cost of your order- resulting in 100% profit.

Scratch cards are easy to use. There is no product to handle, no inventory or storage, no spoilage, no orders to take or delivers to make. The cards themselves are compact, portable, and they never expire.

The fine points of each scratch card vary from supplier to supplier so be sure and ask about them:

  • Cost of the scratch cards
  • Cost of customizing the scratch card with your group name/logo (do you really need this?)
  • Availability/cost of the coupons (coupons vary according to your part of the country)
  • Shipping for the scratch cards (delivery to you)

Scratch cards work with any size group, it doesn't matter how small or big. Some suppliers do have a minimum order. Most groups order one scratch card for every active fundraising member of their group.

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Complexity of a Scratch Card Fundraiser

This fundraiser is pretty straight forward, but there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself:

  • Can they handle the ask? Scratch cards are an innovative way of asking for a donation. Make sure your group is motivated and well trained before they go out. Be sure they understand how a scratch card works.

  • Paying for the scratch cards- some suppliers demand payment up front, others will hold your check for 30 days, still others may let you order cards with a purchase order. Check with each supplier for the method you desire to use.

  • Scheduling- once you determine you want to do a scratch card fundraiser, it will take about one week to get your scratch cards, two weeks to get them all scratched off, and one week to get the cards and money turned back in. That's four weeks start to finish minimum.

Additional Hints for Scratch Card Fundraising

Scratch cards offer some unique reward opportunities. Because donation amounts are often rounded up, you could offer to let each fundraiser keep the extra money as a reward. This can be a good motivator. Alternately, you could also use the rounded up monies to reward the group as a whole.

Recommended Scratch Card Fundraising Supplier

I've taken the time to carefully review all the suppliers that provide scratch card fundraising programs and I am recommending

The scratch card fundraiser is a quick, simple and highly profitable fundraising system for any group.

Each easy to carry pocket size scratch card can raise up to $80 in profit for your nonprofit group. They have great coupons for you to give away to your donors that include offers from Pizza Hut, Blimpie, TCBY, JC Penny and more. And now you can get 20% free bonus cards and make 100% profit.

Find out more about Skratchers - America's most profitable fundraiser. Get a free information package on scratch card fundraising.

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