Fundraising with Lollipops

by Deane Brengle, Editor of the Fundraising for Small Groups Newsletter

Selling lollipops is a popular fundraiser for many small groups:

  • Easy to sell with a suggested price of only $0.50.
  • Many great flavors.
  • Many popular shapes and styles for different sports, holidays, and occasions.
  • Low minimum order, high profit, fast delivery.
  • Works for many small groups like schools, PTA/PTOs, booster clubs, sports teams, cheerleaders, and even church groups.

This booklet is designed to get you acquainted with lollipop fundraising if you haven't done it before. If you are already doing a lollipop fundraiser this booklet will help you discover the latest offerings and ideas in lollipop fundraising.

Overview of this Fundraiser

This is a direct sell fundraiser. Lollipops are pre purchased and then sold to parents, relatives, friends, supporters, and the general public.

All lollipop suppliers offer a wonderful variety of shapes and styles of lollipops. There is a flavor or style of lollipop for almost any occasion. Lollipops are an easy sell at only $.50 a piece and you can earn up to 50% profit at this price.

A lollipop fundraiser is a good fit for many groups including: school groups, orchestra and marching bands, sports teams, church groups, pre-school and day care centers, booster clubs, and any other nonprofit group.

Potential Income

Generally speaking, you can make up at least 50% profit on selling lollipops. The best way to figure out what you will make from a sale is to talk to each company and have them help you calculate how much your group will sell and what your profit will be.

Other things will affect your profit so be sure and ask about them:

  • Cost/time to shipping
  • Minimum order amount
  • How much do they cost/sell for
  • How do I pay
  • What flavors are available

Potential Disadvantages

  • Over ordering. Most suppliers have fast delivery, so don't over order.
  • Candy may be vulnerable to heat and may not be suitable for summer sales in some areas.

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This fundraiser is pretty straight forward, but there are several questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are there any restrictions by my school or parent group concerning lollipop sales.

  • Scheduling- once you determine you want to do a lollipop sale, it will take about 6 to 7 business days to receive your lollipops once you order them. Then about 2 weeks to sell them. That's about 4 weeks start to finish.

Recommended Fundraising Supplier

I've taken the time to carefully review all the suppliers that provide lollipop fundraising programs and I am recommending eFundraising. They offer an extensive line of lollipops in 24 different flavors and 15 shapes so it's easy to find one that will make a successful fundraiser for your group.

Find out more about the eFundraising Lollipop Fundraisers.

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