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Fundraising Booklet FAQ

  1. Who makes these booklets possible?
    These booklets are brought to you by the Fund$Raiser Group, a publishing company specializing in free fundraising publications on the internet.

  2. Are they really free?
    Absolutely. We don't require any information from you before or after you look at or print a booklet.

  3. How do I know the information is any good?
    Each booklet has been written by Deane Brengle, editor of the Fundraising for Small Groups Newsletter. For the last eleven years he has be writing about fundraising for the Fund$Raiser Group. He has made a special effort to be impartial and fair in the assessment of each topic. He not only points out the good qualities of each fundraiser, but covers the sometimes hidden pitfalls.

    Each booklet is unique with its own inside look at each fundraiser, with hints, tips, and secrets specific to each product. Each booklet follows the same format for ease of use, yet is not repetitive. And one carefully chosen company is recommended for each fundraiser.

    You will find the booklets valuable to you whether you're new to fundraising or an old hand. They even have ideas for improving an existing fundraiser.

  4. How do I get more information about a particular fundraiser?
    Visit the fundraising supplier recommended at the bottom of the booklet you're interested in. These companies are ready to help you plan and hold your fundraiser. Their representatives are available via the link to their website and will send you information free without any obligation.

  5. Are any more booking coming?
    Yes, we have more books coming each month so be sure and bookmark our site.

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